where the fishes and the sand meet

Maalhos, Maldives inspired this.

Where the fairies live

This is just a very silly little thing, clearly there are no fairy houses here unless perhaps they are just hidden really really well...

Faerie land

Sugar People

Once there was a pirate. He was very mean to the people in his ship. The crew decided they would make a spoon and escape to a sugar-bowl. So late one night, when the pirate was asleep, they made their spoon, and escaped. Along the way they met a magic sugar lump. Who told them that she could make any three wishes come true. They wished for
1) more sugar
2)a punk hairdresser
3)a pair of trousers

chocolate town

Once, I went to chocolate town. I heard a person on telly saying "House for Sale". I saved enough money, and bought the house. I needed a penny more, but that did not matter. The house was really tasty. I lived there for a whole month. Then, on the first of April, I heard a wild scream. I looked outside. On a paper, there was an ant, turning into chocolate. I picked up the paper, from outside. It said: "I would like to give my house to my daughter, and my money to my son." I turned into a chocolate, myself.